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Tita Standards

A philosopher once said that a tita does not settle for anything less. 

How true is that?

In reality, a tita has already experienced and learned the hard realities of this world – they are mature enough to accept that although, things can’t be perfect all the time, certain standards must still be met. That comes true in all aspects in life such as relationships, career and shopping. 

Tita's Lifestyle Blog: Tita Standards
Tita’s Lifestyle Blog: Tita Standards

After accumulated experiences, we kinda know what works and what doesn’t. And we try our best to stick with our standards because it means choosing what’s best for us. 

Here are some examples of reasonable standards you might want to stick to:

  • Self-care: Making it a habit to sleep with a clean face. After a day covered in make-up, sun and dust exposure, we must treat our skin well by cleansing it before we go to sleep. This is to avoid creating an environment for bacteria to thrive. We keep our body clean not only to sleep comfortably but also to ensure that we are pimple-free!
  • Shopping: We settle for the best, but best does not mean expensive. Remember, we’re supposed to be wiser so we don’t let the name of the brand play with our emotions and dictate what we should get. We use our sound judgement before purchasing. 
  • Career: It’s okay for us to say no to our boss. Yes, ladies, saying yes all the time is toxic especially if things are already piling up in your end. You must strike a balance between impressing your boss, challenging yourself and mental health.   
  • Relationships: Thou shall not settle for lazy partners. Sure, a guy does not have to be rich but he should at least have life goals and aspirations so you can continue to grow together.  

How about you? What are your standards when it comes to these aspects? What are your philosophies? 

We might not always stick to our standards because we make mistakes too, but hey, it’s part of the learning process, and that’s what makes us wiser titas

Our standards can always evolve for the better!

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