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Top 5 Reasons A Hobby Is Good for Your Self-Care

Have you experienced feeling burnt out? Do you wonder where your hours went? Does your day go from wake-up-to-work to sleep-with-work?

If you answered a resounding “YES!” to any of those questions, don’t worry, tita. I feel you. You need to practice self-care. So, pick up a hobby! Why, you ask? Read on to know the top 5 reasons a hobby is good for your self-care.

Connectivity played an important part in our survival during this pandemic. Because of it, our way of life continues despite the quarantine and social distancing protocols. These days being busy became a badge of value. Mix work with play. Multi-task for productivity.

We have gone from 8-hour leave-work-at-work jobs to x-hours work-from-home arrangement. I say “x-hours” because, tita, we both know you will turn on your computer when you received a message on your office phone. Then, before you know it, you have been working for hours already.

Constant connectivity can lead to exhaustion. So, let me introduce to you the idea of having a hobby. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. You had hobbies before life bogged you down with responsibilities. Yes, hobbies are activities you do for fun, but it doesn’t mean they are unimportant. In fact, let me give you top five reasons a hobby is good for your self-care.

A hobby encourages you to take a break

Being busy is good—to an extent. When the pandemic fell upon us, being able to work from home was somehow a blessing. We could distract ourselves while we bury ourselves with projects and tasks. But this may also mean work-life balance will be harder to juggle. Days and week may blend with each other when you let yourself get stuck in a routine. For some, work-from-home arrangement became wake-up-to-work to work until bedtime.

Following a routine makes your life dull, demanding, and unhealthy. (No, tita, I’m not talking about your ex-boyfriend. 🤭) Having a hobby encourages you to take a break from your routine. Your life will have variety and excitement. Your hobby becomes an activity you look forward to. As a result, you create a structure for your day. It was no longer work-mode from sunup to sundown. You take a breather from work and recharge by doing something you enjoy. Or you end your day on a more positive note because of this.

Having a hobby encourages you to take a break from your routine.

Katie Velez

A hobby can relieve stress and ease anxiety or depression

You might think that adding a hobby to your already filled schedule would only add to your stress. But remember, if you can make time for other people, you can find time for self-care activities too. Never be too busy to take care of yourself. That is why a hobby is good for your self-care.

While taking up a hobby that you can do with your friends is fun, you can choose a hobby that you enjoy doing alone. Based on experience, a hobby is a great way to distract yourself from your worries and problems. Engaging in a hobby refocuses your mind to something positive, relieving your stress, anxiety, or depression. 

A hobby boosts your confidence and self-esteem

Taking up a hobby is good for your self-care even if it means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to try something different. For example, you have little to no idea about gardening, but you want to see if you will enjoy being a plantita. Wouldn’t it boost your confidence when you find out you are actually good at it?

Not everyone can be good at everything at once. You will encounter a learning curve when you attempt a new hobby. As you engage in the activity more often, the better you become at it. A hobby is good for your self-care because it improves your identity and feeling of self-worth. Knowing you can now do something that you can’t before helps with that. A greater boost is when you are good enough at what you do, you can even earn money from your hobby.

My table can get messy when I work on a project. But I get elated whenever someone liked what I did to even pay for them.

A hobby gives you an outlet for your passions

In an ideal world, your passion perfectly aligns with your career. But we are now wise enough to know that not everyone has a fairytale life. Sometimes, the things we are passionate about aren’t professions. One

By engaging in activities that you are passionate about, you can avoid feeling burned out by everyday life. Cindy and I talked about The Creative Things We Do in our previous Titas Wine Nights… Why Not? Episode. If you would like to join on our next Wine Night session, like and follow our Facebook page.

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A hobby enriches your social life

Sure, you can describe yourself as a lawyer, a doctor, or other profession. But your identity goes beyond your job description. You should not limit your circle of friends around colleagues, classmates, and relatives. Expand your horizon.

Yes, a hobby makes you more interesting or relatable. But it isn’t something you just use as a conversation starter or an interesting fact you can add to your dating profile. You can meet new people and make friends through your hobbies.

There are groups and forums you can join to learn about a hobby or connect with people with similar interests. Even for hobbies you do alone or the unique ones, there is always someone you can exchange ideas with. You can meet amazing people and make friends.

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A tita is a busy bee. We juggle career, relationships, and extra-curricular activities like a pro. But often, we forget one aspect that matters most: self-care. You. Taking care of yourself. As packed your schedule usually is, you are never too busy to make time for yourself. Picking a hobby is good for your self-care because it rejuvenates your soul. By doing an activity you enjoy, you recharge your passion and zest for life, avoiding being burnout.

So, tita, what hobby are you into or planning to pick up?

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