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Online Dating 101

Why does dating have to be so confusing and frustrating nowadays?

Does he still like me? Why is he not texting like he used to? Has he ghosted me? I’m swiping right!

We are all strong, independent women here, but we still long for that warmth and security when we come home to our beds after a long day of work. How do you find a man who’s charming, kind and supportive of your dreams? Do you think this kind of man is in extinction? 

Tita's Lifestyle Blog: Online Dating 101
Tita’s Lifestyle Blog: Online Dating 101

The world of dating had evolved so much in the past decade when online dating leveled up. With the hundreds of man you swiped right with, you meet-up with only five of them. If you’re lucky, you get to date that guy for months. If you’re fortunate that guy will become your boyfriend. With that kind of statistic, is it necessary to spend time finding that one in a hundred guys? 

Well, here are some of Tita’s tips on how to navigate the online dating world better!

Be clear about what you’re looking for in your profile.

Don’t be ashamed if you’re looking for casual or serious. Be intentional when swiping right too. Read through their bio and make sure that you won’t regret it if things go right between the two of you. 

Strike a balance between mystery and saying what you mean.

Don’t share your miserable life story right away. Instead, hook them up with the honest, good points about you. Also, leave space for them to desire to want to get to know you more. 

Give a chance.

Just because he is not your type now, does not mean that he can’t blow your mind and heart later. Attraction is necessary too, but if he can punch a genuine conversation, that’s a great start. 

These are pointers you can apply in your next ventures. Be careful with your heart, but don’t forget to have fun! 

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