8 Classic Outfits for Every Tita Must-Haves

8 Classic Outfits for Every Tita “Must-Haves”

Minimalist has been a trend for years. Honestly, who would want to scan through hundreds of clothes and still claim that we got nothing to wear? Okay, we’re guilty! So, we made a list of 10 classic outfits for every tita. As in the tita must-haves in your closet.

These well-chosen outfits can carry you pretty much on any occasion. Happy shopping!

1. Sly, Little Black Dress


For every ladies night out with friends or a romantic date with your SO, this will be your hassle-free wear. In fact, if you’ll have one thing in your closet, let this be it! It displays your best features and highlights your curves.

2. The Blazer

You can choose from classic colors such as white, black or blue. This blazer can add that oomph to any type of outfit, whether you’re wearing a dress underneath or the basic a shirt and jeans.


3. White Shirt

This is a tita must-have! Going out with friends for a cup of coffee? Or a quick meeting with your client? You just can’t go wrong with a white polo shirt, which you can pair it with jeans, shorts or skirts or just your sexy underwear! 😉

4. Denim Shorts

Going on vacation? Or simply staying at home? Having a pair of denim shorts is a must-have now that summer is coming. They’re not hot on the skin and comfortable to walk around with.

5. Skinny Jeans

A good pair of jeans is essential. Over the years, we’ve witnessed how a pair of jeans can evolve from high waist to elephant style, from the different washes possible. They’re definitely heare to stay. Titas can wear it everyday and no one will judge you for it!

6. Floral Summer Dress

What do you do on Sundays? Whether you’re attending a bridal shower, birthday party, baptismal ceremoney or even wedding, this floral dress makes the perfect Sunday dress!

7. Elegant Skirt

Pair your elegant, pencil skirt with your black blazer, and voila! You’ll definitely look fab in the office.


8. Basic Cardigan

From thin cashmere to durable cotton to heavy wool knits, surely you can find one that fits your style. You can match it with anything too, from jeans, shorts to skirts.

Mix and match these items and every outcome will surely make a great outfit for every tita. With these classic outfits, you’ll never go out of style.

How about you? What are your fashionable, tita must-haves? Share it in the comments down below!

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